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Save money and get your energy bills sorted with these plumbing tips and tricks

Do you have a leaky tap? Although this may seem like nothing it all adds up, it could be as easy as a simple adjustment or new tap and save you hundreds.

Heating hot water with a hot water cylinder accounts for 30% of your power bill. We recommend a gas continuous flow water heater. Not only as they more effiecent, cost less to run but you will never run out of hot water. Amazing!!!

Another simple solution for decreasing your energy bills is installing an rain water collection tank. Auckland has rain pretty much all year round, which makes an outdoor rain tank a fantastic option. There are plenty on the market. You can even install a small one to water your gardens or wash the car without a permit.

We are happy to help with any plumbing issues or improvements you want to make, give us a call today for a free quote.

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